Thursday, July 15, 2010

Igoe Ready to Teach Journalism in China

Former Channel 2 consumer reporter Mike Igoe has been preparing for two big events this summer.

Last Saturday, Igoe’s daughter, Channel 7 reporter Kyla Igoe, was married to Shaun Handley on one of the most beautiful days of the summer. Handley works for the Buffalo Bills in the information and technology department.

“Everything was outstanding,” said Igoe. “The weather, the church, the facility and the people.”

Now Igoe can focus his attention on the second big event – preparing to teach three courses in Zhuhai, China across the bay from Hong Kong.

“This is basically the transition for me,” the 57-year-old Igoe said over coffee recently.

Since taking a Channel 2 buyout in January, 2009 after almost 20 years at WGRZ-TV, Igoe has taught several courses over the last three semesters in the communications department at Buffalo State College.

“I never thought much about teaching,” he explained. “I sort of fell into it. For three semesters, I did a full load. I enjoyed it. I didn’t know how I would like or if I could handle it. It worked really fine."

He was unable to get a full-time teaching job at local colleges so he looked out of the state. Then the United International College in China called. His students have English as a second language so there shouldn’t be much of a language barrier.

“The reason they hired me and other Americans is they are really trying to get an international perspective,” said Igoe. “If nothing else, I’ll give them a better understanding of English and the American culture. But some of the things I consider pretty basic to journalism will probably be a revelation to them. I’ll teach the stuff we take for granted – how American journalists think and how they react and why they do what they do.”

It is one-year appointment, with Igoe teaching from mid-September to the end of June.

He is teaching two reporting classes and one media law class (he is a lawyer).

Igoe won’t get rich, but the experience will be priceless.

“It (his salary) is competitive with what academics in this country make,” said Igoe.

His wife, Debbie, plans to visit and his son Trevor may study there.

“It will be a unique experience,” said Igoe.

* Fox announced this morning that Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) will have a new member of his medical team. Amber Tamblyn, best-known on TV as the lead in "Joan of Arcadia," will play a "brilliant and aggressive medical student" who apparently won't always agree with the behavior of her boss.

* If you missed it during the ESPYs Wednesday night, here is a You Tube link to the hysterically-funny parody by the dryly humorous Steve Carell and Paul Rudd of LeBron James' special, "The Decision." It was one of the highlights of the show. Carell told of his decision to switch restaurants, while Rudd played the interviewer. Enjoy.

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